February 26, 2020 – The Memory of Sounds

I was watching a very interesting documentary today called, “Grandfather”. It is about a self-sufficient Latvian man who is 76 years old. He has a very old-fashioned approach to farming, using an old work horse to complete most of the tasks alongside him. There were some sounds in the documentary that touched my soul.

One was of the horse breathing into the camera. I grew up on a farm right next to my grandparents’ horse farm. I will never forget the velvety noses and the sound and feel of them breathing on me when I would get near them. Horses will always remain my favorite animal because of my time at the farm. Horses were my friends. I loved them, and I seemed to have a knack with them. I even used to run around the training track pretending to be a horse.

Another sound was the sound of dry hay as the grandfather was putting the hay up into the loft. My grandparents grew a special mix of timothy, alfalfa, and red clover. Every year they would cut the fields, and then bale the dry grasses. Then up into the loft it would go. The sound of the hay stirred memories of taking a section of hay and shaking it into the feeding area. I could almost smell that same scent when the grandfather was putting the hay up. These were the best memories of my childhood, “helping” at the farm, “helping” in the garden, “helping” with the canning and cooking.

Hopefully my children and grandchildren will have the same happy nostalgia that I have with the sights, sounds, and smells of the country. There is truly nothing like it.

The “Grandfather” documentary is interesting and lovely.


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