February 4, 2020

I went to my bank account to check it, and was hit with the reality of what I wrote yesterday. I wrote about being a good steward by being economical. Two lines of charges right next to each other, coming out of my account, happened to be nearly identical in the amount charged.

The first was an eat-out at a fast food restaurant for the entire family for $48.76. The second was a purchase at a seed company for $47.00. I thought about that one-time meal, that really didn’t taste that good, in comparison to the hundreds of tiny seeds that would provide several meals for our family, and create things that taste much better. That isn’t all of the seed that I am getting, by all means, but it is a portion of it. However, my point is still made.

And if you can’t garden, by all means, visit your local farmers market, and buy some wholesome, local produce from them. (It tastes loads better, and is loads better for you.)

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