January 13, 2020

Ruminating on 2019 isn’t something I’ve really relished, so I put it off. And really, I won’t be putting too much into it either. 2019 summed up:

  • Change, and possible change.
  • Trusting Him through the change and possible change.

Even through the strangeness of 2019, we have had peace. We’ve had a lot of people trying to tell us this way or that, but we have waited for God’s purpose and His will in everything. It wasn’t without mistakes, but it was with little steps of faith. Sometimes those steps were right, and sometimes they weren’t. We trusted Him in all of it.

This year, 2020, started out with a lot of turmoil politically. It also started out with a little bit of emotional and spiritual hardship too. In it, we’ve been trusting Him and focusing on His purpose for us and in His truth. Once again, He has been faithful to show us His direction a little piece at a time.

We are staying in our house for a wee bit for sure. We are going to plan on a garden this year. I’m crossing my fingers that we get some sort of fruit from the orchard. It has been planted for a couple of years, with trees that were 2-3 years old when we planted them. Maybe some apples?

We are going to fix the electrical upstairs to make it more functional, as well as put in a half bath up there. Beyond that, we have a possible direction, but we are praying more into it. My heart wants to stay at Laughing Thyme Farm. This decision to stay for a little while has filled my life with peace. I love our little farm.

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