Worn To Thin

I feel like we are constantly playing “catch up” with things to do on the farm. The rain this year didn’t help. Not realizing that we were going to sell produce at a market until February this year made us realize that we didn’t have the garden space prepped for such an endeavor. And spending time helping out with some things outside of our home was what got us behind in the first place. Sometimes you just have to remember that home comes right after God concerning what you give your endeavors to. That’s a hard lesson to even remember to learn, let alone actually make it a practice. But I digress…

So, we got most of everything caught up. And now? It’s not raining, so I have to go outside after I write this blog and water my garden, so the seeds I planted germinate and grow. Plus, I have to see what damage the chickens did to the beans yesterday and the day before. A fence has to get up. BUT!!!

I’m trying to get involved in the community in our new church. This brings to mind what I just said about putting home before anything, except God. Maybe this counts as something godly, as it is the body of Christ I’m meeting with. Perhaps if I balance it out.

But I’m feeling worn to thin today. Maybe it was all the extra work over the last two weeks that made me feel this way, or the health issues that flared up over the weekend. Honestly, I’ll probably feel better once I get moving about.

Also, we’ve been having issues with chicks dying. We’re getting to the bottom of it.

On to today…

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