Working With the Rain


I’ve worked our garden through droughts and dry spells. I’ve shaken my fist at giant rodents called deer who ate my entire garden down to nubs. (I still growl when I spot a deer. I don’t think they are cute, not in the least.) This is the first year that I’ve had a hard time getting my garden in because of the rain. It has rained and rained here in Illinois. The whole Midwest has been slammed, really.

The farmers have had it worse than I have. They have to work through the rain. Having a small-scale garden, I can work with the rain. I can find a little section of time where the ground is “just” dry enough to till a small portion so I can plant before it rains again. I’ve been able to patch in sections a little at a time. I’m behind about 2 weeks still than the “norm” of planting. I usually have my beans and melons in by now. I usually am planting my winter squash about this time.

Today is a dry day. I’ll be able to get in some of my beans and I’ll be planting corn for the first time. I also bought a burpless variety of cukes that I need to get in. I already put in two pickling varieties. The beets are growing their roots. The carrots are sprouting, plus I put in another row of those. The lettuce is growing like crazy. I may have been overzealous in my scatter seeding those, but we have a lot of lettuce! The spinach is looking nice.

Harvest time has already started too. The radishes are nearly finished. Maybe another week or two of production, at most, for them. The strawberries have started. We’ll have some for a few weeks to a month. The baby lettuce has been nice to eat. And today, somehow, I need to plant all the things I mentioned, as well as can some strawberry jam, and make arugula pesto.

Basically, this blog post is my last ditch effort to have a reason to procrastinate. I need to get moving. Breakfast needs made. Strawberries need prepped, and a garden needs planted before the string of rainy days hits tomorrow. A mid-afternoon coffee will be a must.

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