With Bated Breath…

Okay, so that’s dramatic.  Although, I have been keeping an eye on the 10-day forecast to see if the weather is going to be temperamental.  Last year, it was zero degrees mid-April and close to 90 a few weeks later.  We had practically NO Spring.  I like Spring.  I want one this year.  Please?

Yesterday, it was in the lower 60’s, but it was blustery out.  My seed packets wanted to fly across the yard, as I was planting some kale and radishes in my garden.  They were old seeds from a couple of years ago, so I’m interested to see if they pop up.

The forecast doesn’t get too cold over the next 10 days, so I’m going to chance planting a  bunch of greens this afternoon.  I found some cool varieties of radicchio on-line, that I’m excited to plant along my sidewalk.  (As I mentioned before, at this point and time, I don’t start seedlings indoors as of yet. I ruin them in the hardening process. I want to get my compost garden going before I tackle any greenhouse or cold-frame plans.) I also bought some Chinese greens, and purple kohlrabi.  I’ll be planting those this afternoon.

We had a mole, a dog, and our cat mess around with our compost garden on one side.  We need more wood chips to cover.  The man who provides us with our compost and wood chips is incredibly slow, so I will have to buy some soon.

(The picture is of our compost garden last year, before much was planted. I wish it were that green outside right now!)

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