Shifting Seasons

Things are shifting around here.  The seasons are fighting for control of the weather.  The snow melted, then it rained a lot, so the ground is seeping with water.  When I take a step, the mud squishes and water comes out of the ground.  We are trying to get our barn door repaired in this.

On Saturday night, it was so windy that it caught our barn door and blew it about 12-15 ft., striking a fence post on its way.  It has a hole in it, which Eric fixed.  He also had to put up a new tracking system for it.  We are in the last stages of getting it on.  We just needed another hand in moving it.  Lilly is off today, so we’ll be doing that today.

I also plan on trying to plant some cabbage, greens, and radicchio seeds in the front yard, where we put the compost garden last year.  I’m hoping that this all works out, because it was a big investment monetarily.  It also was risky because it does go against the “normal” front yard.  I went against the norm, because grass takes up a lot of ground water.  Plus, there is less yard work for Eric, and this method is supposed to be pretty good about preventing weeds.  I’m hoping in 10 years, the mixture of annual, perennials, herbs and garden produce will make it a lovely thing to see.  It won’t ordinary, but hopefully have an eccentric beauty that piques interest. That’s my goal, anyway.

The next three days are supposed to be lovely.  I’m really looking forward to being outside for part of that.  I also will be inside doing school.  We got a bread machine yesterday.  I’ve already made one loaf, with another going right now.  Once the kids get out of school, and we eat lunch, we plan on being outside all afternoon.

(The picture is from a previous year, but not a whole lot has changed around there.)

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