Process of Elimination

I knew a couple of years ago, that there would be some changes in our future.  About 4 months ago, I really started feeling it, and told my husband.  Right around that time, things actually starting shifted around in our lives.

For one, we put one of our houses on the market.  We had one we lived in, and one that we kept as a rental, because the housing market in that town wasn’t particularly great.  However, we decided that being land moguls wasn’t really what we wanted to do for the rest of our life.  We put the house up on the market, and received an offer within a couple of weeks.  It will be nice to be free from that burden.  Once things finalize, the only debt that we will have is our current home.  (All cars are paid for and we don’t have any credit card debt.)  In fact, our goal is to get this house paid off ASAP, which should be feasible within 5 years, if we stick to the plan.

That’s one positive change.  Another one was with music.  So many times through the years, I’ve either had to give up my farm dreams for my music dreams or my music dream for my farm dreams.  After prayer, I’ve decided that my music is supposed to be centered around the church.  I won’t be doing many more gigs, unless they come and ask me to sing, wherewith I’ll tell them that it will be worship music.  I’ve already had two previous venues agree to me changing genres on them, so that was surprising.  With this change, I believe I’ll be able to concentrate my efforts locally, as opposed to the wider regions I was singing at before.   This means less travel, and more staying near home.

It sounds like a demotion to some people, I’m sure, but I believe that it enables me to envelop myself in my local church, my garden, and our farm community.  If God opens a door for my music elsewhere, and I feel it is in His will, I’ll go.  Until then, I’m looking forward to evolving our property into a profitable farm.

I’ve been going back and forth on the whole raising chickens thing.  Part of me dislikes that they’ve been temperamental about laying eggs, and we’re basically feeding them for nothing.  However, I’m hoping that they get out of their funk, and start laying better.  I know that I have been getting requests for eggs, but I’m not certified and people don’t want to come to the farm to get them.  If we do decide to continue, we will definitely get certified, but will need to do some work on the coop and buy a couple of things first so we can be.

We’ve been in the process of elimination, so that we know what we do need to focus on, and for us it is: faith, family, and farm. 🙂

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