Monday, October 8, 2018 – Groggily Tired

I don’t get much rest on Sundays, so generally my “Sabbath” is on Mondays, (except for the responsibilities that will always be there like cooking and home school.)  I’m sitting here typing on my laptop, a bit chilled from the walk I went on this morning, and pretty much trying to not fall asleep as I type.  It is 9:40 a.m.

The kids are in “trouble” for not taking initiative in picking up their stuff around the house, so today they are “cleaning grounded”.  At the moment they are working in the basement.  I don’t quite understand why cleaning requires constant talking, but it is happening.  It is mostly my two extraverts.  The two quiet ones are not saying much.

I promised yesterday to post pictures from the weekend of the farm.  The first is a sunrise picture.  It was very beautiful on Saturday morning.  Oct 2018 2

The second one was a full rainbow that we got a good view of after the storms that day.

OCT 2018.jpg

Well, I keep on nodding off still.  This afternoon I hope to get a start on trimming out our bedroom, but I might not since it is a day for me to rest.  We’ll see.

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