Sunday, October 7, 2018 – Early Morning

I wanted to make a post yesterday, but was too busy.  I got some great pictures of the property, both in the morning of the sunrise and in the afternoon when there was a lovely rainbow to be seen.  However, I ran out of time.

I’m also out of time this morning.  I have to start getting ready so we can leave for church at 5 ’til 8.  I am singing on the worship team again this week.  There is also a church membership meeting this morning.  This is the first time I’ve ever truly been comfortable joining a church.  Then service.  Then lunch.  I need to sing a hymn a capella on my Erisa Rei Music Facebook page.  Then choir practice.  Then church service.

Basically, this is the only time I have to write anything.  I’ve just gotten up and I’m already exhausted.  Today will be a hefty coffee day, I’m thinking.  (On that subject, briefly, I have tried 3-4 times to get off of coffee.  I’ve been successful for months after each of these times, but I always get back on it.  I think I’ve finally given up trying.)

I’ll post the pictures of the farm tomorrow.  They really are lovely.

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