I have been looking for the perfect art piece to put over the top of one of our couches.  I had looked around for about 2 years.  I considered antique pieces and local artists, but after the rough run our family has been through emotionally I decided that family photo with us holding hands on our farm was the perfect thing.

One thing that Eric and I have always wanted to make sure we do for our family is develop a sense of home, and togetherness.  Despite having to remove toxic family members from our life, I believe in sticking together and working through hard times.  That’s what we’ve done as a family unit.  We love each other.  We love our chats around the dinner table.  We love our farm, because it very quickly felt like home, even after only living in it for a month.  Two years later, as we’ve attempted to make things comfy with family photos and the like, it feels even more so.

I love my family, each and every one of them.  I love our life, despite the roller coaster of emotions this year has brought.  Together, I feel, we can conquer anything that comes our way.


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