Compost Gardening, Part ?

I don’t know how many posts I’ve made concerning our compost garden, but I’m happy to write that this weekend we finally got the compost put out for our compost garden. We even had enough to start working on a section that will be in the sunshine. We still need to put the wood chips on it. My plan is to move that little oak tree to the side pasture and then make the entire side yard a compost garden as well. And yes, I do need that large of a garden. 😀

On a side note: the area we did earlier this year has had very few weeds pop up in it. Success! Also, most of my herbs transplanted over made it. Success! The moss didn’t like the compost garden though… I’ll have to see what I did incorrectly.

We may be able to get the wood chips on tonight. Today I am doing some painting and also fall cleaning the house. This whole week will be us working and doing that, because we need less clutter before the carpet and tile installation in November.

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