Compost Garden Update


I could make a long, comical story about how tarried this project has been thus far, but I’ll keep it short.

  1.  We ordered the compost and wood chips in early March, because I knew that once May hit, I’d be too busy to be able to put too much time into creating this compost garden. We didn’t get the first load of compost until May 1.  Sigh…
  2.  We needed the wood chips to complete the necessary steps to finish the compost garden.  We ordered in early March and got the wood chips in early June.
  3.  May happened, and I ran out of time to do things like get rid of well-rooted grass in my front yard.
  4.  My hubby was going for cheap, and we paid for cheap.  The compost was full of weed seeds that sprouted.  We had to wait for the snapdragon to burn them off a few times.
  5.  We finally got one side of our front yard done.  The other side is much larger and we’ll begin work on it soon.


We decided to edge the driveway with creeping thyme and Irish moss.  It looks pretty so far.  I’m interested to see how it does in the compost/wood chips.

First Portion Compost Garden Done


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  1. carolee says:

    Interested in how the compost garden is working out…it looks really shaded in the photo. Irish moss and thyme both like it sunny and dry, and aren’t fond of acidic wood chips. Did they survive?

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    1. Risa Kopp says:

      Hello! This will bet the first growing season that I’ll be trying it out. My plan is to put a lot of greens, and shade-loving perennials in this area. Off to the left, there is a big section of yard that is unshaded that we’re converting over to a compost garden too. This is where I’ll put sun-loving perennials, and garden produce.


    2. Risa Kopp says:

      Sorry. I missed the last half of your comment. You are right. The moss wasn’t happy with it. The thyme survived without any trouble.


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