Cooking Basics: Making Garlic Oil

Basics:  Making Garlic Oil

Nearly every October or November, Dad and I plant garlic.  Garlic is rather prolific.  From one clove, you’ll get a whole head of garlic.  And since you cover the garlic bed with straw, you have little weeding to do. Last year, Dad and the kids did the garlic planting for us while Eric and I were on a trip together out-of-state for my music.

You harvest garlic at the very beginning of July.  Usually I tie up my garlic and hang it for later use.   One different way that I tried this summer was to put whole, peeled cloves of garlic into some extra virgin olive oil.  I found that having garlic oil available for croutons, bread crumb toppings, and salad dressing added an extra pop of flavor to my cooking.  The garlic also become softer, which made mincing it easier to do.

I’m sure there is a “proper” way to make garlic oil, but when we harvest our garlic, we have so many heads that I’m always trying to come up with ways to preserve them differently than just drying  and hanging them.

After that small batch was used up within a few days, I decided to go ahead and make a quart-sized jar of it.  I would suggest that if you don’t have a large family to just use a pint or half pint jar.  We go through garlic like there’s no tomorrow, so a quart size was appropriate for us.


The process is very simple.  Peel cloves of cured garlic.

Basics:  Making Garlic Oil
I think garlic paper is delicately beautiful. I just hate it when it sticks to my fingers!

Put them into a jar.

Basics:  Making Garlic Oil
Put the peeled garlic into the jar.

Fill that jar with olive oil.

Basics:  Making Garlic Oil
The higher quality of olive oil, the better. What a lovely green!
Basics:  Making Garlic Oil
Pour the oil into the jar.

Simple, but effective, as well as delicious.

Basics:  Making Garlic Oil
So good.


Try it.  Seriously.  Do it.

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