Our Family’s Farm


We moved onto our 2.47 acre farmette about a year ago.  It’s nestled in the middle of the Heartland of Central IL, surrounded by bean and corn fields.  We’ve loved living here, so far.  It’s very peaceful, and we have great neighbors.  We have been able to build our tiny farm up, according to schedule, or at least close to it.  We’ve had a few hiccups along the way, but we weathered the issues and learned from them.  Win-Win.

Homegrown Soul - FARM
Another beautiful sunset at Laughing Thyme Farm

We call our farm, Laughing Thyme Farm, after what my daughter called Valentine’s Day when she was 7 years old.  I also have a blog that I’m slowly starting of the same name.  I hope to someday sell fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs, from our farm and also at a local farmer’s market or two. It will be a slow process, since our fruit trees are still young.  I’m excited about the prospects though.

Homegrown Soul - FARM
Amazing sunrise/moonset on Laughing Thyme Farm

My FARM blog posts on here will usually mirror those on the Laughing Thyme Farm blog.


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