Our Family & Food



Many of my memories, both in childhood and adulthood, revolve around the dinner table and eating together.  There’s something about sharing moments of necessity with someone, especially when it is done in the spirit of fellowship and community.  We all need to eat, so let’s sit together, enjoy each other’s company, and eat something that tastes good.  It’s nourishment for your body and your soul.

Homegrown Soul - FOOD
Eating together at Easter a few years back.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve tried to provide my family with the healthiest food that my money can buy.  (Disclaimer: I’m never perfect on this.  Sometimes a greasy cheeseburger calls me, and I can’t help answering.)  However, I try to do as much organic as I can.  I try to shop local when I can.  I grow as much produce on my farmette as I can.  However, when I say “homegrown”, I’m not trying to be literal.  I just mean, staying as close to my roots, as possible, being who I am, and sticking to my guns.  For me, that means cooking from home as much as possible, and making as much as I can “from scratch” as possible, using as many products from our farm or close to our farm, as possible.  It seems more intrinsic, and wholesome to me that way.  I’ll also be putting up canning recipes!


I’ll be providing recipes and information on how I do that.  For example: homemade broths, sauces, and breads will be posted.  Recipes that mean a lot to me, that hold memories, will be posted.  I’ll even post food failures, because I feel that showing my mistakes encourages other people and helps them understand that no one is perfect.  And that’s okay.

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