2017 Garden

Everything is asleep on the farm now, except the livestock, the children, and me. The ground is resting.  The fields are brown.  My green garden is gone.  I got my first seed catalog a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe I just over-extended myself this Fall with doing a local theatre production, but I don’t have that thrill of excitement that I usually get when the seed catalogs start rolling in.  I even missed getting my garlic in.  I can tell you this, I will probably not do another musical!  I believe I spun at least one too many plates.  I never thought I’d say that, but I think that I did.

Now it is nearly winter.  I have a pile of Christmas presents in my room that need wrapped.  I have this blog that I have neglected terribly.  I have music that I am writing, both for Erisa Rei and terce. I have plans for Christmas dinner and Christmas treats that I am going to TRY VERY HARD to take pictures of and blog about.  I wish it would snow here. (I’m one of those fools that loves cold weather.)  A white Christmas sounds fantastic to me. I haven’t had one in over a decade.

Since it is dreary out, and I’m procrastinating with wrapping those presents, here are some pics of this past year’s gardening.

asian cabbage
An Asian cabbage I can’t remember the name of.
Cabbages- Courtesy of Dad
Early Spring Garden
Onions and shallots


I’m starting to feel rested from all of the spring, summer, and fall busyness.  Let’s hope that this winter breather for me gets me ready for next year.

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